Graphite sheet

98% (min) Pure Graphite is laminated with a thin stainless steel foil (0.05mm thick) to produce an excellent gasket sheet that has long term stability on compression and recovery over a wide temperature range.


  • No ageing or embrittlement of the graphite layers.
  • Good scratch resistance and excellent ‘anti-stick’ agent on all flanges.
  • No measurable cold or warm flow up to maximum permissible gasket stress.
  • Good resistance to chemicals and has a good shear strength coupled with good resistance to thermal shock.
  • Max Temp: 550°C
  • Max Pressure : 200 bar
  • Partiularly suitable for worn or pitted flanges
  • Use with strong oxidising agents should be avoided


Note : For applications sealing inert or reducing media, at temperatures in excess of 370°C, attention must be given to the possibility of oxidative attack on the gasket from the external environment

Purity 98%
Density of graphite 1.0 g/cm³
Ash content of graphite  <0.5%
Chloride content 0.05mm
Thickness of S/S inser <50ppm
ASTM ‘m’ factor 2.0
ASTM ‘y’ stress   900 psi
Compressibility ASTM F36A-66 40 to 50%
Recovery ASTM F36A-66  15 to 20%

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